Who's boycotting the NFL?

Discussion in 'Master Debaters' started by Paul, Sep 25, 2017.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone cares about the National Anthem enough to do what Trump suggests with boycotting the NFL?

    I don't follow American football and I don't like celebrities who use their fame to make political statements (they're paid to entertain us) so it's not an issue for me not to watch a football game. I wonder how difficult it is for actual fans not to watch.
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  2. Won't watch them, won't buy any merchandise that "supports" them.
    When they allow the "kneeling" but then prohibit the Cowboys from wearing something to honor the officers killed there or the player who wanted to honor 9/11 deaths they have started playing favorites.
    They can pound sand and I really hope that this hits them HARD in the pocket book.
    The funny thing is you see many (frequently on the left) decrying the threat of a boycott and it not being "fair". Well, guess what bitches... the shoe is on the other foot. The left always wants to boycott someone, now the right does.... and guess who is probably a bigger supporter of the NFL as far as population #'s goes.... that's right, them dumb old country boys that tend to lean right - you know, the same ones that watch NASCAR.
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  3. I also do not care one bit about football, or sports for that matter.

    While I support their right for free speech, they should pick a better time to band together and show their unity instead of doing during the anthem.
  4. I feel they should honor what allows them to be where they are and hope all of this hits them HARD too.
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  5. No matter how anybody leans, I'm tired of not being able to listen to the radio or watch TV without some type of political commentary that requires my immediate and swift attention.

    That being said, I don't care who kneels, and I don't care if the owners decide to fine them, suspend them, or drop them. It's their business. Fans are there for entertainment.
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  6. Let's give them a new draft choice..

    Marines or Army. Guaranteed 5 year contract and guaranteed travel to places with lots of sand.
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  7. That's mean Tracy.

    Like a draft into the service after the college draft? Lol
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  8. I was disappointed in the Steelers. Allegedly, they were all told to stay in the locker room as a sign of unity, but Alejandro Villanueva, a US Army captain, decided he was going to salute as it was his duty.

    So I don't know what kind of unity that was supposed to display. Maybe if they didn't spend so much time trying to figure out if they should kneel or not, they could have spent more time strategizing, and they wouldn't have lost the f'in game.
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  9. I think the league only allows "in memory" of NFL owners, former players, etc... This would be in the rules covering uniform violations.... I don't agree with it, but they have had there certain system in place for quite a while, and they stick to it across the board. Not saying it would happen, but say they allow the Cowboys to wear the sticker to honor those cops, then... another team wants to honor someone 50% of the fans don't like, say President Trump.... What justification do they have to say yes to one, no to the other? With the uniform code they have right now, it's cut and dry. They are better to maintain that than to do a case by case call on individual requests such as that. Same with the shoes, its a uniform issue. That is why you see them come out in pre-game wearing special cleats, but in game, it's only the league/team approved shoe.

    I feel they are actually honoring exactly what allows them to be there. I'm 10000% behind their RIGHT to free speech. Many military members have fought in many places for everyone to enjoy the Constitution of the United States. We've fought for, defended and protected these rights for 200+ years. They want to kneel, so be it. They want to stay in the locker room, so be it. Sit during it, so be it. They want to burn my flag, so be it. It is, in every aspect, their right.

    As for the owners, they have rights as well. The players want to kneel, they have the right to do just as President Trump said, fire them. They are the boss. They own the place. You are a worker for them. Just like NASCAR has said, they'll fire people for kneeling. Any and all owners have that right to protect their brand and business. I don't see where this is such a debate (not here, but on various outlets).

    Now, although I agree with their right to do it, I hate seeing them do it. Myself, I stand every single time, at attention, just as I was taught to do in the Marine Corps (yes, I stood before, simply out of seeing and being taught by others. The military taught me why I do it). I don't move, I don't speak. I listen. I watch the flag. Until I die, I will stand for every National Anthem. I'll be 90, in a wheelchair, and someone better help me stand. But I will be up, you can bet on that. I have too much respect for what every single military member has been through, to not give them my attention during the anthem, and to remember and honor those sacrifices made for me to enjoy the freedoms I do have.

    I think as NFL players, they have a much better chance at getting their voices heard, their ideas understood, and their justice seeking done elsewhere, than to kneel during the anthem. They want heard, yet they are doing something that so many find insulting or dishonoring. Whatever it is they want heard is overpowered by the image of them kneeling.

    My choice is I will continue to watch football, I will continue to support my teams.
  10. I'm sure that's exactly what the marines did when they invaded Nicaragua.
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  11. *Marines
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  12. Military men are no more heroes than ordinary civilians. Being in the military is a professional job where you agree to go half way around the world and kill people that has nothing to do with you and your country so that some rich assholes in D.C. can earn a little bit more money.
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  13. I thought Pocahontas Ralph is part native like Elizabeth Warren? Why is he jerking off at popo beating and killing people?
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  14. Chickenscratches, let's try to keep up. This discussion is about protesting the NFL due to players kneeling or not standing for the anthem.

    If you want to start a thread about the definition of a hero, please do so.
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  15. Where was anything said about being a hero?
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  16. Two things you wingnuts and white supremacists failed to realize;

    1. Kaepernick wasn't honoring anybody or anything, he was raising awareness of a brutal reality. Tamir Rice, a child, was murdered by the popo and the criminal roam free. Where is the justice? That's the point of his kneeling down.

    2. NFL is a corporation built on blood. 99% of its athletes suffer CTE that caused them to be extra violent. Hernandez suffered CTE, wow what a surprise? Don't care, I want to enjoy the game but I don't like it when someone raise awareness about people being killed the popo.
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  17. So are you boycotting any NFL games chickenscratches? Scared you might see somebody saluting the flag?
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  18. What kind of lunatic question is that? You asked something no one debated. It's not about saluting the flag, it's about kneeling down to raise awareness that the popo had gone away with murder too many times.

    I don't watch NFL, I have moral issue with people killing themselves on the field.
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  19. Ok. Putting chickenscratches down as a 'no' on that one.
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