Who Am I?

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  1. What is my stage name?

  2. Winner!
    Those lips and lazy eyes probably gave it away.
  3. Which does not imply guilt. It only means that charges were filed.
    Face it, AntiFA is no better than the extreme right you protest against so much. Both simply need to be led out to a large auditorium, given blades and told the last man standing gets to walk free... then shoot the one left standing.
  4. No wonder the popo killed and continue to kill so many people. Such animalistic mindset is not surprising for a wingnut.
  5. Solves the issue and actually will answer the question on which belief has more "bad-asses" in it.
  6. Lol what? What is this cave man mindset? It's like talking to a pure unadulterated animal.
  7. That's right... the strong shall rule!
    The weak will be everyone's bitches.
  8. That summarizes perfectly the mindset of a wingnut animal.
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  9. And lack of ability to understand sarcasm perfectly defines the mindset of a left wing la-la land daydream believer.