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  2. Tracy Perry has a low budget Pro camera for only £1000. That's nothing for a Pro camera.
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    Actually about $1200 USD.... but it wasn't purchased for "pro" use... as it was targeted towards seeing if the spouse was going to want to do photography. The CCD cameras I have for the scopes are a ZWO ASI071MC ($1480) and a ZWO ASI071MC ($1300) for image capture and a ASI 290MM for the spotting scope on the William Optics 103MM refractor. Both of the ZWO's are color and are better adapted for AstroPhotography. The D7200 allows the use for both the telescope and using with a standard lens for wide angle captures (like the Milky Way).... but as a nutless wonder I doubt you knew that.

    If I was going to get a "pro" level camera, I would have gotten an FX series.. most likely the D850. The D5 would be nice, but really overkill for what I need as the CCD cameras are MUCH better for astrophotography since they are "cooled' imaging devices. The FX series has pro's and cons... it is a full frame camera, but it sometimes has issues with deeps sky captures due to having to leave the shutter open for 20-30 minutes or more. That's why you really want to use a CCD designed for that... and one that is equipped with a fan to prevent the CCD chip from overheating.

    So, thank you for playing...but you failed to qualify for the finale.
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