The Tracy Trumpty Dumpty Thread

Discussion in 'Master Debaters' started by Sheldon, Mar 21, 2022.

  1. In the same location doesn't mean run with you dunce. You attend a sporting event, and a racist is there, you're a racist as well? Get out of here with that nonsense.

  2. Again, we aren't Lowes.

    Also, what kind of valuation must you have before being "MAJOR".... lol.
  3. Wait wait wait, this is a harmless symbol right? Don't you have it in your sig on TAZ?
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  4. Actually my father served on a DD in WW2 as a 5" loader, my step-grandfather was an aircraft mechanic working primarily on the P-47, one uncle worked in the merchant marines, and the other was in the army assigned to intelligence.

    And yes, I DO have an idea.. you see, I worked with several Marines (notice I didn't say "ex"... as once a Marine, always a Marine)... and we had extensive talks... but amazingly... their training is nothing "extraordinary" to get through basic.
  5. Try making in the multi-billions a year, with a nationwide footprint. That's what I consider major.... those limited to a few stores, or a few states are minor chains.
  6. hahahah, you are such a fool, and the more you post the more it shows.
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  7. We do.
  8. Not waving on a flag... in the format presented by those, with the associated behavioral patterns by those presenting it is what places the negative connotation on it.... you see, like works, depending on how they are used, those symbols can stand for what they originally meant, or be bastardized.
  9. Shocked to hear this, said no one ever.
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  10. No, you don't.

    Unless you are one, you don't know. Period.

    That's not the training in referring to though.

    I've had extensive talks and worked with Navy Seals, doesn't not mean I know what training they've had or what they've got through from talking.

  11. I'm still laughing at this.
  12. Really..that comment was direct from a Marine who left the service as an Major (who ended up for a while as an assistant-chief at one of the departments I worked for) and another who retired as a Chief Warrant Officer (he was a Sgt. and the head of the SWAT team at Lewisville). Think they are a pretty good base to depend upon when they said that their basic training was nothing exceptional.... they did say that they spent a more time on marksmanship and small group tactics than that chose the army.
  13. My son had more law enforcement training in 5 years while active duty then you most likely did in 30+ years as a back-woods country bumkin' cop, step off Barney.
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  14. Then feel free...what major company do you work for... last time I remembered you mentioning, you worked for a small company that was specific to a limited geographical area. You change jobs?
  15. I've been with the same company for the last 8 years. Nothing has changed.

    I just like seeing how wrong you are.
  16. Well, doubt that, as we had regular training at Lewisville PD (monthly classes and quarterly drills). You see, Lewisville had it's own training academy with TCLEOSE certified trainers, and our agency provided training for may of the departments in Denton, Tarrant and Dallas counties.
    When I went to work there, Ted Gibson was the Sgt. in charge of training.. and that's ALL he did.... and I worked with Lewisville PD for over 9 years... and actually applied what we were taught, unlike most military police..... And once more, that's from an Officer who retired from the military and served the majority of her time as in the MPC. She said it was really rather boring as they didn't have much to typically do on base.
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  17. Then, once more, feel free to remind me... which multi-billion dollar company do you work for that you receive extensive professional training with? You should have no issues providing that... or do you chose to pull a Trump/Gulliani on your answer?
  18. You asked.. I clarified. Don't ask a question unless you want the answer. Now, which branch of the SS did your relatives serve in? :imp:
  19. I prefer to watch you look like a fool.

    We are multi-billion, we do have a national footprint. We do receive continual training.

  20. But wait, your son in law was a Manager at Lowes, you must certainly know everything.