The Tracy Trumpty Dumpty Thread

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  1. I don't know.... Hillary was actually strongly despised by people on both the left and the right. Biden doesn't have the same "bad taste" of Hillary to Democrats, nor does Harris. In fact, Harris might actually carry MORE weight than Biden with the Democrats.
  2. Rebuttal to what?
    That there is a difference between a salesman and a SNAKE OIL salesman? I think you were already given that. If you don't know the difference between the two, then I truly pity you.

    In the meantime.... you see the latest poll in which 58% of the respondents believe Trump had a hand in the riots on 01/06/2021 and should be held accountable?
  3. Tell me one politician that isn't a snake oil salesman.

    They all lie. They all work to benefit themselves.
  4. I posted that after Dave's comment, you douche canoe. You are the political expert, so I wanted the correct take on Biden or Kamala and their vote total.
  5. LooooooooL
  6. Just curious @tracy perry who was your fav/perfect president in the last 50 years that you liked and voted for?

    And, if you could pick one person to be prez next (on ticket or not), who would it be?
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    Ronald Reagan... first president I ever voted for and in my opinion one of our best in the last 5 decades.
    As for someone I could get behind... like her or not, I'd happily vote for Liz Cheney. Hell, I could even see myself voting for Pence.
    DeSantis and Abbott are too much about running down that Trumpty Dumpty rabbit hole....
    The scary thing is, here in Texas we are getting a big influx of Democrats coming in... and it does scare the Republicans in office as they see their power base evaporating. What bothers me is that if the Democrats can get their act together and get some of the anti-Abbott Republicans to cross over, we have a very good chance of getting an @Paul type hero into the governors office here.
    Now, don't get me wrong, just because they are a Democrat doesn't mean they are horrible. Hell, one of the better governors we've had in Texas was a Democrat (Ann Richards). She pushed through some much needed prison reform, bringing some major businesses into Texas, she pushed for individual school districts to have more control over their educational policies. One of the things she's most remembered for is calling George Bush (W) "Shrub".
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    Trumpty Dumpty claim launch... bang, shot down.
    Trumpty Dumpyt launches another... bang, shot down again.
    Rinse & Repeat.
    And yet the rubes can't see the truth.... they ONLY believe the offal that dribbles from Trumpty Dumpty's mouth. He said it, so it's GOT to be the "Gods honest truth".


    Isn't it rather ironic that Trumpty Dumpty is now complaining about "no representation" on the panel... when he and his coterie had a PERFECT opportunity to have such? And his sycophants in the Senate shot it down, I guess thinking that if they ignored it, it would all go away?
    Isn't it also amazing, the majority of this type of testimony is coming from Republicans, many of them LONG TIME Republicans, longer than Trump has been one.
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    What exactly are you cackling about? You don't think that Harris would carry more weight than Biden with the Democrats, specifically the progressives with his current list of failures to fall back on? Biden is as more of a failure than Trump was... and thats' saying a LOT.
    Remember, we aren't talking about the Republicans... who drool all over themselves every time Trump's name is mentioned (Bart and donuts come to mind). The Democrats want results, and are willing to admit when they put a failure into office.
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    Dream on... and continue drooling all over yourself every time you hear the name Trump mentioned. Maybe one day you'll grow up out of your childish worship of the idiot and realize that you've been taken for a ride.
    Hell, when you have those in office voting on their own pay scales, they all are working to "benefit themselves"... so any knowledgeable person realizes that. But please, feel free to tell us any in recent memory that have lied so adroitly to gather 250 million from the rubes? Trumpty Dumpty took it BEYOND the next level. Massive fraud and stolen votes ring a bell (all without ANY proof still over 1.5 years later)? Heck, even his personal attorney, Rudy Tootie Fresh & Fruity, told Arizona representatives that they just didn't have the evidence... they just were basing their position on theories, but still wanted the Legislature to invalidate Biden's EC confirmation.

    Also, since you like polls... I see you failed to comment on the fact that 58% of those polled believed that Trumpty Dumpty deserves to be criminally indicted for his actions... maybe MASA is coming into being.
    And how about the fact that MORE of Trumpty Dumpty's "chosen ones" in Georgia have failed to live up to his expectations. Then you had his hearty backing of Mo Brooks in Alabama... until Mo said the people needed to get over 2020 and his popularity was declining, so Trump suddenly withdrew that endorsement and looked for someone to help chalk up a "win" in his endorsement column. Trumpty giveth and if one fails to worship him and support him absolutely, Trumpty Dumpty taketh away. The nickname "Mafia Don" fits him to a tee.

    And I see your 7th grade self is showing again.... maybe go grab another couple of 12 packs of PBR and kick back and relax yourself again.
  11. I'll just leave this here....


    Now, we will just wait until the Trumpty Dumpty faithful begin their illustrious RINO cry.
    Once more, isn't it rather ironic that you say anything that detracts from Trumpty Dumpty's brilliance and the cry of RINO starts echoing around?
  12. Well, that explains everything.
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  13. No.
  14. I don't drink, I'm an alcoholic, but thanks.
  15. I'm assuming I'm in 7th grade because I laughed at your claim that Kamala, the most hated person in the county, supposedly carries more weight than Biden.

  16. Yep, I'm a moderate Republican... not a psycho lemming Trumpty Dumpty supporter.
  17. Most hated by the Trumpty Dumpty's...
    As of June 04, 2022.

    Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 5.32.05 AM.png

    And wonder if any of that may have to do with the sexist, violent and misogynistic attacks against her on social media, usually presented by the Trumpty Dumpty fanatics, including his "fine people" in the white power brigades.
  18. Violent attacks?

    Has she been assaulted? Oh wait, verbally I assume.

    And seriously. You repeat the "fine people"... lol. You are a dipshit.
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    Remember, your "Hero Zero" called the white supremacist fine people until he was asked for specific clarification and he realized he might have just stepped deep into the doo and he then had to backtrack. And the majority of those white nationalist are STRONG Trumpty Dumpty supporters. Does the name Nick Futentes ring a bell? Does it sound like I, being a STRONG Trumpty Dumpty opponent meet the requirements of those white nationalist? I have no issues with dark skinned people or folks from south of the border.... unlike those White Nationalist and many of the Trumpty Dumpty supporters.
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  20. It's a good thing you can be anything you want to be on the internet Tracy.

    You forensic computer expert cop, political knowledge base, Google explorer, Harley ridin', 98 year old Scotch slamming, Van Halen teaching, space photographer, web designing, never incorrect, perfect human existence.

    I await your Yelp review of The Last Supper. I'm certain you attended.
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