The Tracy Trumpty Dumpty Thread

Discussion in 'Master Debaters' started by Sheldon, Mar 21, 2022.

  1. Brace yourselves, a wall of text coming.
    National Poll: Biden’s Approval Recovers Two Years into Term, Trump Maintains Lead over DeSantis in GOP Primary - Emerson Polling

    Pollster Ratings - Emerson College
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  2. MAGA baby.
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  3. And it's true, ya tool.

    To know what it is like being a Marine, you have to be one. You can't just guess and assume.
  4. I'm not answering your rhetorical question.

    I know what is there, and i know what is known for. Are you dense?

    Integrity and honor? Lol. 2 other places are better at instilling that.
  5. But ALL should be re-enforcing that... or is it simply something you slather over in basic, then kick to the curb when "free". Ironically... seems like another marine has had his balls handed to him by a court of competent jurisdiction... what's the score now on armed service members that have trended towards insurrection. Pretty sure the Marines lead the pack.

    But according to the all-knowing Sheldon, the ONLY people that are allowed to speak on anything are those directly involved in it... do you actually realize how much that attitude bitch slaps you to the curb with many of your posts when it comes to reality? I seriously doubt it, since you live in a readily apparent land of fantasy... enjoy your fwappp time.
  6. *Marine
  7. Once again, dearest Tracy....

    I've stated many times your opinion of a Marine mean shit because you aren't one. You can talk, bash, praise, i don't care.... either way, your opinion doesn't carry any weight.

    But keep on keepin on you goon.

  8. ...with anything.
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  9. And I've used the equivalent for you...and you have your typical "duhhh' moment.
    Sorry, one doesn't have to participate to know what goes on. That's a simple fact of life. BTW, how about that Marine that recently got convicted, told by the judge that what he did WAS insurrection and was going to serve half a decade in prison.... FINE example of Marines, now isn't it? Explain how Semper Fidelis corresponds to those actions taken by active and retired military on 01/06 that were Marines? I would really enjoy seeing you try to twist to justify their actions in accordance with the Marine motto.

    Guess what... being a Marine doesn't really mean shit Sheldon other than you were a failure in many's eyes at getting a "regular" job out of high school because you had no qualifications.... isn't that the typical belief of a large number of Americans? And guess what, even the Marines have their turds in it just like in every field.
  10. Gasp... an under qualified and over agitated cop forced out of his job into a side hustle for server administration who enjoys $85000 Gibson playing while sipping on his $6500 Whiskey while taking photos of nothing with his $32000 iPhone camera calls Marines failures.



    You tool.

    You have no idea why some people join over others. I had a regular job out of school. I wanted a challenge. To be the best. Not be a fat ass donut dipper bullying teenagers around to get my kicks. Simple fact is you would have NEVER made it. Period. You weren't cut out for it.


    Okay. I'm a failure. See above about what weight your opinion holds.
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  11. LOL for real?

    My son did 5 years active duty in the Marines, Security Forces protecting embassy's around the world. Best thing he ever did, after that they paid for his college and he has an awesome career.

    And yes, every profession has their shit heads, police, Marines, CIA, FBI, etc. Some even racist fuck heads...which I think fits your career as a LEO, like I said earlier - thank god they didn't have body cams in the 1900's when you were on the force, lucky for you.
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    And yes, "for real". There are WAY to many that consider ANYONE that enters the military as being unable to get a "regular" job. Rightly or wrongly.

    And that's nice... now, explain to me how he's any different than the Dallas officer that lost his life to a DWI hitting him recently.... or the officer that got ran over by a suspect and lost his life? Or ANY other LEO that lost their life in the line of duty? Is he "special" because he was a Marine? Or is he "special" because he was willing to put his balls on the line?
    Remind me... pretty sure room & board is provided for Marines also.... is the same done for LEO's?
    Or how about equipment.... does a Marine have to go out and purchase his own armament, body armor and ammo?
    And LEO's aren't given a "college tuition" for serving 5 years as an active LEO, unless you know of special departments that are trying to hire now since nobody wants to enter that career?
    BTW, before I got out of it, 2 of the 3 Marines that the local department brought in as new hires washed out. The exception was Jeff. And he went on to become an assistant chief there for a while. The other two didn't have the "right attitude" for dealing with the public and washed out of the ghost phase of their training.

    As for body cams... would have loved to have had them... it would be REALLY nice to be able to grab some footage from them and have you eating some chocolate with those Trump peanuts & corn.
  13. Yes. All Marines are special. We have what very few do.

    Remind me the pay difference in LEOs and the Marine Corps.... I couldn't afford housing with what the military paid me, at any base. And it's not "room and board" pay... it's technically a BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing), seeing as you're paid below minimum wage while in service. There are barracks available to single Marines, E4 (trying to remember) and below have to stay in them. Above that grade, you can get out and live on own, and they give you an allowance.

    How many times has an LEO been deployed to an actual war? I get it, Billy Bob and Jack Smack have a shootout at the local bar is your reply, saying you've faced gunfights, etc... but not in a war. Apples and oranges. Not even comparable. Or even the remote possibility you could be sent there. LEOs shouldn't have a tuition offer. You built some riffraff at the local skate park and suddenly you're a hero who wants college paid for... wong.

    Of course One-Up. As this discussion was going, I already knew that would be posted.
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    and even a few that do treason....and have been charged with such... Oh, the HONOR. They EXCEED ANY other service.

    when I started in 1985 I was bringing home $750 a month.... around what an E-3 was making.
    Your point is?
    Right now the average ENTRY annual salary for a Marine is $51K.... which is MUCH better than the overall national average of 40K that an average LEO makes and that HAS to provide his own housing, food, equipment and such. So... give up. You simply fucking LOSE that argument. I don't think around NEGATIVE $11K a year is going to pay for housing, electricity, food, utilities, and equipment to do the job for a year. Further, those "LEO" jobs don't guarantee a college education, yet plenty of them die in service of their nation, and in time of no conflict, MORE than Marines do (other than issues with their getting drunk off their ass and having "accidents").
    Forty eight Marines died in 2022..... meanwhile, 220 LEO's died in 2022. So you know what Sheldon... Fuck off... you are simply a tool. You can't argue facts... so you argue shit.
    BTW, before you try to post those salaries from "big cities".. .guess what... not ALL officers work for those same "big cities"... and those "big cities" don't provide police services for the nation. The average salary in most states vary from 35K to 40K a year starting.
    So, fuck off when you try to use that argument since facts shove it straight up your ass.
    But facts remain facts... they washed out... wonder why? Could it have ANYTHING do do with the fact that they thought that they were "better" than the people that they dealt with? From the advisors statements, that certainly seemed to be an issue. And ironically... we didn't have similar issues with the Army guys (although they had their own issues). Seems that NEITHER party had a tendency to use self-thought in their decisions and went by "rote". Does that fucking tell you anything about "programming"?
  15. Lol.

    You're wrong.


    I've attached the pay rates for you to see. Going in, a Private (E-1) makes. $1917 a month. (Actually less while in bit camp, but giving you benefit of doubt), which comes to $23,004.

    No one entry level gets $51k a year.

    Hahhahhaahhahaa. An officer gets close (O-1), but still not there at $43,644.

    It was even less when i was in.

    Service to the nation is stretching it a but.

    One death to alcohol and its Marines getting drunk of their ass... lololol. But nothing about your LEOs who get sauced and go home and beat their wives. Or have DUI crashes, or anything. You want to skew the numbers your way.


    What about those facts? I posted the actual DOD pay rates for the military. Not a $51k guess you threw out.

    Defense Finance and Accounting Service > MilitaryMembers > payentitlements > Pay Tables

    You look foolish, as usual.

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  16. WONG! again...
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  17. Yep... the data I had was incorrect... it's roughly $1833 a month.
    But still with the following benefits:
    Receive regular pay raises
    Get an additional housing allowance
    Gain an opportunity for reenlistment bonuses
    Get regular cost-of-living pay increases
    Become eligible for special-duty pay and allowances
    Receive an annual uniform allowance
    Earn attractive retirement benefits

    None of which are provided to a majority of LEO's that make about the same in the majority of the departments in the nation. Not every department in the U.S. pays what a major Metro area pays. Our local Sheriff's Office only pays around $40K a year to those with 10 years experience and a Masters license (which part of requires college with was not paid for by the government).

    Sorry for you Sheldon... I know several Marines... and I know what they talked about doing in their "off time" and it frequently involved drinking and/or fucking, if not combining the two.
    And mayhap you need to compare the deaths in 2023 of LEO vs Marines once more..... pretty sure (even excluding the COVID-19 deaths) that there were more LEO's killed than Marines.

    Apparently your reading comprehension issues are coming to the forefront when your "special" Marines are called out.
    I clearly stated that there are sacks of SHIT in every profession..... and also stated just because someone was a Marine doesn't make them "special" and the same applies to LEO's..... unless you count the treasonous convicted Marines from a recent action that went against the very thing they purport to stand for (once more, I should remind you the majority of those with military ties charged were Marines).
  18. LEO faces those dangers 24/7/365... Military ONLY faces it during times of aggression (so how is a Marine sitting at his duty station in Miramar or such "facing the enemy" in peace time?)... so, once more... remind us... how many Marines died in 2022 due to violence against them... and how many LEO's died due to violence against them?

  19. Meanwhile... Trumtpy Dumpty gets even MORE unstable on his "Turd Social" platform... seems the pressure may be building and he's cracking at the seams?
    It's really funny how many normally intelligent persons fell for his line of BS. Hell, even those sycophants at FOX realized he was pedaling pure batshit crazy, and said so amongst themselves.