The Tracy Trumpty Dumpty Thread

Discussion in 'Master Debaters' started by Sheldon, Mar 21, 2022.

  1. Tired of attempting shouts.
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  2. On to the good part...

    I wonder why The Washington Post counts this:

    “They spied on our campaign and lots of other things.”

    Repeated 108 times

    Pretty certain they found that to be true... So, again, your list looks rediculous.
  3. I'd take mean tweets, keeping Russian in line, stopping China from fucking with us on trade, my investments up 300%, etc every day all day.
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  4. I'm betting Trump was also told that by Robert Wilkie.

    U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary To Appear on iHeart Media Communique | 94 Country WKKJ

    August 12th, 2020. I knew Obama had multiple terms, but man... this was a long run.

    Just wanted to let you know I felt fucking free to refute ANY of those. I picked one.
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    108 out of 30, 500+. So let's call it 30,300 shall we. Still a SHITLOAD of documented statements he's made. And yet the Trumpist continue to swallow the BS he feeds them (and do it with apparent ecstasy) like a cheap whore swallows a load of cum.
    And sorry to burst your bubble, but the allegations that Trump was making of "spying" were never proven, in fact, most were shown to be utter malarky, which is typical from for almost everything that spills from his blubbery lips.

    Or how about his "Man of the Year" selection in Michigan... only problem.. it never happened, but that didn't stop Tumpty Dumpty from claiming it did.

    Of course the FBI disproved his "big" spying claims, but using the stand Trumpty Dumpty lover trope of "it's all the deep state and EVERYBODY IS OUT TO GET ME/HIM" they can't be right. Trumpy Dumpty has a severe case of paranoia apparently... or he knows exactly how to play the rubes that are in love with him.

    The real irony is how those self-same Trumpty Dumpty bedazzled idiots will comment on readily provable untruths that Biden has stated, but totally ignore similar from their "Golden God". It's the height of fucking hypocrisy, and they don't even realize that they are doing it they are so locked into their Trumpian view. He tells that lies and makes statements that are EASILY provable to be untrue and yet his worshippers fall for them hook line and sinker.

    And it appears that many in the GOP are starting to let their ardor for the idiot cool... finally.
  6. LOL. He'll be the nominee.

    Also, did you not want to answer the one above that? Your small god Obama 91%?
  7. As far as reducing your number above, it doesn't matter. I simply pointed out, as I stated earlier, your list is fantasy. Fake. It's worthless and has zero credibility. If it is not 100% a lie, why is it listed? To inflate and use numbers to push forward the DNC talking points, of which you buy into and have spewed multiple times. I'm not dumb enough to think a politician won't or hasn't lie, which every one of them in the history of the US has done, so you can slowly back away from the ledge with that nonsense. However, when you inflate and flat out LIE about a list you are creating about LIES, both go down the shithole. But you go ahead and keep praising them, and soaking in all that info. I applaud you for sticking to your guns with that.

    One other thing, I don't need to resort to calling you a cheap whore, a cum guzzler, all that... I simply have pointed out your posts, word for word, and quoted when you when stated such. You have put words in my mouth multiple times, and have now moved on into flat out disrespecting me. It's telling. I recall... dolt, don't be obtuse, possibly a don't be insane or idiotic, but I don't have to drop in the gutter. If you'd like that, I can. I have no problem with that. It doesn't help your argument at all, only shows your true colors.

    You've suddenly taken a hard turn into this oral fixation thing...

    One last thing....

    Wow. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahaha. OMG. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wooooohoooooo, lets go fight another war for 20 years where no one in power is represented. Send us, the plebes of the US. The poor, ones with nothing really out there. Ahh hell, they can die. They aren't high and mighty or have any type of power. Let's send them. Woooohoooooo. A war-monger in office... yeah, that's all we need. Good thing what you'd like to see and reality are two different things.
  8. Now, tell us who appointed Wilkie? You see, that person has a habit of appointing sycophants.
    And would it not behoove Trump to be clear... you see, when you state "a 91% approval rating of the VA" you haven't tied it with YOUR administration. When you specifically say "WE", you are directly tying it to YOUR administration. I realize it's a fine point that most Trumpians can't seem to grasp.

    And just because he might be the Republican nominee, he has to realize he's the new "Hillary Clinton" of politics. The same way Hillary was popular with a noticeable segment of the Democrats, she wasn't with the remainder of society. Trump is wearing those same shoes now.
  9. And I showed you where his claim of "spied on our campaign" was shown to be bloviation... the fact remains, you apparently will believe anything that Trump says... wear that MAGA hat/shirt loud and proud!

    Please feel free to show where I called YOU anything? Unless you specifically identify as one fo those radical Trumpians that believes everything he says is gospel, then yes, I call you that.
    That's the problem with the Trump idiots. They are as bad as anything they claimed that the Democratic radicals were. And they are to stupid to recognize it.

    Yeah, let's park a sub off the Russian cost and threaten them with nuclear attack... wonder who made that comment recently? hmmmmm...
    And who said we should put Chinese flags on our planes and go and "bomb the shit" out of the country (talking about Russia)?

    Face it Sheldon, Trump is an idiot. He's no better than Biden. They are both the pick of the litter... literal litter. They both belong in the trashcan of history.

  10. From the shout....

    You were speaking directly to me. You literally quoted me.

    Keep on being you, hero.
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    Well, sometimes the truth hurts..... and the fact that you (and those fellow Trump fanatics) keep swallowing his swill IS no different than a cheap whore performing oral sex and consuming the byproduct. It becomes such an ingrained habit they no longer think about it as it's a "normal" part of their life, the same as a Trumpian partaking of Trump's swill.
    Sorry if the comparison offended you, but if the shoe fits. You see, Trump has provided NO evidence of his campaign being "spied upon". In fact, the Durham statement that Trump was using to "prove" that ( was clearly stated by Durham as not being what he said. Trump sycophant Rick Scott stated that
    and Trump ran with it because it fit his narrative, never mind the fact it was not correct.

    Just to show the "stable genius" in action, he recently revoked his support for Mo Brooks (can there be ANY example of being a bigger Trump sycophant than Brooks?) after Brooks told some rally goes to quit looking back at 2020 election and start looking forward. That itself is proof positive that you are REQUIRED to march to the Trump drum or risk being "punished". Biden's bad (I'd go so far to say horrible) as a President, but Trump is really showing his narcissistic childish side more and more now.
  12. Yeah, you be you. I have absolutely nothing else to discuss with you. You can attempt to hide behind the Mr. Know It All Nice Guy Help Everyone, when you've literally shown what you truly are. Fake as they come.
  13. Sorry that the truth hurts you @Sheldon, but you will one day realize that although Trump did some good things, he was nothing but a bloviating bag of shit, no better than (and in many ways worse) than Biden. He habitually lied and his worshippers ate it up like a pig with slop.

    Please, feel free to refute that fact that Trump claimed (and repeated) the $83 billion in left behind hardware and his worshippers then took up that chant. Never mind the fact that it was easily proven to be incorrect, he seeming can't be troubled by facts.

    Please, feel free to refute the fact that after almost 18 months Trump has YET to provide an iota of proof of "massive fraud" that would have affected the outcome of the election. In fact, audits that he claimed would "prove" the fraud actually did the opposite and he quietly dropped using them as examples.

    Please feel free to refute his claim that it didn't start raining on his inaugural address until he had stopped speaking and then when he went inside it "poured" (implying that the Lord was watching over him I guess).

    Please refute Trumps claim that COVID was "disappearing"
    less than 2 minutes into his 10/10/20 speech.

    Please feel free to refute his claim that Alabama was one of the states at greatest risk of hurricane Dorian.. and he had the Sharpie to prove it. *note, isn't it rather ironic that one of those Presidential documents he illegally took to Mar-A-Largo with him was the very map that he drew the "official Trump track" on with his Sharpie?

    Please refute the fact that Trump claimed that the head of the Boy Scouts had called him and told him that his 2017 speech to them was the "greatest speech ever made to them"..... only problem, the Boy Scouts of America refute that claim.

    Please refute the statement made by Trump that he didn't know about the payment to Stormy Daniels or where Cohen got the money for it (proven afterwards to be yet another Trump lie).

    Refute the claims that Trump made that "he got" Veterans Choice health care program passed - never mind the fact that it was passed in 2014 (ironically pushed by Bernie Sanders and John McCain, two of Trumps favorite people). He couldn't simply acknowledge that it already existed and that he did improve it... he had to try to claim it as "his own". Funny when he was asked about that claim in 11/2020 he left the room instead of answering.

    Please refute the fact that he claimed that if it wasn't for him, it would have been upwards of 5 years before a COVID-19 vaccine was formulated. Never mind that the first viable vaccine to market had ZERO financial input from the U.S. government, and was ready well before any U.S. assisted vaccine was.

    I could go on, but then this post would consist of hundreds of similar claims/statements made by your beloved ex-leader.
  14. Please, feel free to be you. I have nothing to discuss with you Tracy.
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    Yep, usually when one can't (or won't) refute statements that's the default cry.
    It's rather hard to defend the indefensible, isn't it. And Trump wears that crown proudly... the majority of what he says and does is indefensible. Guess he's too busy worrying about going and and "grabbing 'em by the pussy' still.
    Be sure to keep a new silicon polishing cloth on hand to polish that golden Trump statuette. With Trumps history, it's likely to need to be burnished regularly, just like his regular image.
  16. I have nothing to discuss with you Tracy. I've read enough of your nonsense. You keep being you boss.
  17. And yet another Trumpist tactic.... since one can't disprove it, one reverts to calling it "nonsense" or "fake news". Facts must RALLY butt hurt you devout followers of the Almighty Trump something fierce.

    And isn't it funny how many problems most of his current crop of "Trump Endorsed" candidates are having? Yet the Trump die-hards (and he) are to stupid to see the actual handwriting on the wall.
  18. Tracy, you know why I have absolutely nothing to discuss with you. It has zero to do with Trump. Keep being you.

    And the nonsense reply definitely had nothing to do with anything you posted about Trump.
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    I guess instead of being compared to a prostitute doing their job (and getting paid for it) a shill (doing the Trumps work for free) would be a better comparison. At least the whore generally realizes what she is doing. Thing is, both are so ingrained in their behavior they think nothing negative/wrong with it.
    And if you don't think most of those nutty Trump supporting politicians aren't whoring themselves out to him to get in his good graces, then you aren't as smart as I thought you to be.
    Thanks for being part of the group that has killed the GOP when it comes to holding the highest office. There has become a noticeable segment of the GOP that won't support him luckily, and without them he has as much chance at office as a snowball does lasting any time in hell.
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  20. Tracy, are you implying that Trump is a politician with all of his half truths, exaggerations, and lies?

    He got 2 scoops of ice cream too.
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