The Paul "I'm gonna take ya' guns you filthy monkeys" Thread

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  1. Mass shootings aren't the only problem with guns. 45,222 were killed by guns last year in the United States, they are the number one cause of death for children in this country.
  2. I’m not going to change your mind and you’re not going to change mine. Go have a glass of wine and relax.
  3. Do meat eating gun owners drink wine?
  4. I own a couple of hand guns, I eat lots of meat, and I hate wine and beer.
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  5. Do you drink anything with alcohol in it?
  6. Every now and then I'll have an Old Fashion, but not much of a drinker, clouds the head.
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    Not a fan of wine... nor beer, vodka, brandy, cognac or similar.
    Will enjoy an occasional pour of a good bourbon or tequila.

    sorry, I don't consider 18-19 year olds "children". They are (by law in fact) classified as adults. Hell, why don't we call those less than 25-28 children, since science says the brain doesn't stop maturing until that age (you do realize that an adolescent is NOW considered to be anyone from 10-24 years of age by many scientist, right?)?
    I gave you FACTUAL data on deaths caused by those "violent assault vehicles", and the injuries by those "violent assault vehicles" FAR outweigh injuries caused by guns. Those self-same "violent assault vehicles" are also used in mass death attacks. You continue to avoid that small "fact"... and continue to try to blame the inanimate object of the gun as being at fault. You have failed to present any evidence of an unattended gun attacking anyone. Every incidence you relate has a common point to it... a person using that gun illegally. By the same token, I presented the same type of "facts" in relation to vehicles being used to commit mass deaths... but you have NO compunction to ban then from civilian ownership. Why is that?

    Now, remind us... has society (and it's mores) changed from the 1970/1980/1990's to today? Could those changes be having a negative impact on society that has resulted in a lot of the behaviors of violence older adolescents.
  8. No.
  9. Never could get into an Old Fashion.. to sweet for me (guess it's the sugar cube you mull with the bitters). About the only mixed drinks I'll drink is the VERY occasional tequila sunrise, and a Kentucky Mule.
  10. Hey @Paul, does this meet the requirements of one of those vicious AR-15 assault rifles?

  11. Will it make an 18 year-old feel like he can shoot up a school full of little kids?

    Does it make your little pee-pee feel bigger when you hold it?
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    Answer the question... because I've got a specific point to make that will weigh upon the way you answer.
    You see, I'm asking a question I want an honest answer to, not some deflection that you usually give.

    Hell, I'll save you the time of trying to think up some other inadequate response.... yes, that probably DOES meet YOUR idea of an assault weapon.

    Never mind the fact it's a BOLT ACTION rifle, that you have to manually operate the bolt after each trigger pull, no different than any Ruger M-7 or Remington 700 bolt action rifle. It just happens to have the looks of one of those SCARY assault rifles.
    The same company also makes one in a pump action, which operates the same as a Remington 7600 or Model 6.

    And my main point is, so many of you anti-gunners base your opinions on the simple looks of how "scary" the gun is.... not on the mechanics of said gun, being one to immediately decry how this one is an assault weapon, but it's just fine to own a "hunting rifle", which operates the VERY SAME WAY, but simply looks different.

    Meanwhile, I guess we need to ban hands, feet and fists... since more people die annually from those than from rifles according to FBI stats.
    Please form a single line at your local hospital to have your hands and your feet removed.
  13. You make way too many assumptions. I have owned three different bolt action rifles in my lifetime, I know how they work. It's much easier to kill multiple people with a gun (except a muzzle loader, which is what our forefathers knew as a gun when the 2nd amendment was written) than it is a toaster.

    45,222 died from guns in the US last year, please STFU with which kind of gun/action they were.

    America's gun culture - in seven charts

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    You apparently have a reading comprehension problem still... I SPECIFICALLY stated hands/feet/fists vs RIFLES. Not guns.... and apparently you have great difficulty grasping sarcasm.
    and the stats about the deaths that you reflect are include those that take their own lives.... guess what, someone that wants to kill themself and can't get a gun will use another means. I've worked plenty of suicides that used vehicles, either to generate carbon monoxide or ran into a solid object.
    In 2020 there were 45,855 persons that committed suicide. BTW, this number declined when compared to the past several years....

    By the way you lash out, it is readily apparent that I was correct in that you ASSUMED that was one of those vicious assault rifles.... simply based upon the look of it with NO knowledge of the operation of it.
    You are one of the members of the radical anti-gun crowd. Then you have the moderate "anti-gun" crowd that are not truly anti-gun, but are "anti-assault weapon", not really knowing what that means.

    Remind us Paul, when the 2nd amendment was written, what weapon was in use. Was it considered state of the art at the time? Are all the amendments written to be static as to what was "state of the art" or "normal" at the time they were written? Are you a proponent of original intent then?
  15. Please STFU with this already. How many people killed themselves with a toaster in 2020? People use guns to kill themselves and other people because guns are very efficient at doing so. You really sound like an idiot every time you use that argument.

    What's going to happen to the Uvlade cops who stood around with their thumbs up their asses while a couple of teachers and a bunch of fourth grade kids were being slaughtered?
  16. Hm, what to believe… An article by someone from Harvard or an antidote from Tracy Perry who was a cop somewhere in the middle of bum-fuck-Egypt?
    Lethality of Suicide Methods
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    Simple fact is... you park your vehicle in a garage, leave it running and shut the garage door... guaranteed way to commit suicide.
    Take you vehicle, run it up to 100MPH and run into a bridge abutment, pretty much guaranteed you won't live long through it.
    BTW, you "chart" simply proves my statement... there are many other methods that one can avail themself of to commit suicide. Getting rid of one doesn't get rid of the rest.
    Oh, and how about the other 42 states in the nation, or maybe something a little newer than quarter of a century old stats?
    BTW, did you know that with the "banning" of guns in Australia, suicides by hanging increased in number?

    In fact, one more recent study I saw (2020 date) reflected that firearms are only used in 5%-6% of suicides/attempts (source, psychiatric times, June 17, 2020).

    Keep trying.. maybe one day you'll get a valid point.
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    What do you think should happen? We know you are an "expurt" in expounding on facts you know nothing about, so deign yourself to give us a guideline.
    And remember, SCOTUS has already ruled numerous times that law enforcement has no duty to protect you or any individual. That duty ultimately falls upon you as an individual. Law Enforcement only has a general duty to protect society, not individuals.
    Feel free to refer to DeShaney vs. Winnebago, Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, and Warren vs. District of Columbia
  19. Wait.... wasn't that a small time porn flick...

    Oh wait...
  20. This is YOU, Tracy! It’s every single post and shout you have every made on any forum. LMFAO!