The office of Audentio

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  1. Found this today, so thought I might come one last time over here to share it with you all.

    Great remodeled offices starting at $200.00 a month :D

    lol office.png

    This is what you find when you zoom in Google maps at

    2222 E State St Suite 205
    Rockford, Illinois, IL 61104
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  2. LOL is that Carlos360 leaving?

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  3. and incase he tries to deny it.. right from Audentio

    Oh look he changed domains again too.. now it's Audentio

  4. Oh look, your lard ass is a 1337 h4x0r too. You and Adam Howard would be good friends too, are you an official member of anonymous too? Probably have to be to be able to find a company's address on Facebook and then use Google Maps to take pictures of it.. Or is this another one of those "threats" like the one you made here in the shout box before that Sheldon called you out on?

    Surely you're busy being a fake tanker to be wasting your time looking up public addresses on Google Maps?

    I can do it too, watch:
    And just in case he tries to deny it, it's right here: The Presidents
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  5. Oh look! I found their phone number too 815-797-9456. I'm almost as good of a hacker as you are lard ass!
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  6. Probably should go back to pretending to be in the Army now, probably have a PFT coming up and you need all the help you can get!
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  7. Is there a new dust up with Edge and Audentio that I haven't seen yet?
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  8. It never ended.
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  9. Can we get a collaboration between Dust in The Wind hosting and Audio Satan? Call it Audio Marine!
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  10. @Edge , curious... what was this for?

    Obviously, the building BEHIND the lot looks to be where their office is located. Are you saying they are a scam? That they don't have an office? I seem to recall seeing tons of photos they have posted from their office before. Are you attempting to poke fun at them because of an empty lot in front of the place? I mean, really. Would love to hear explanation.

    I get it, you are bitter. But shit... this is the equivalent of #FAKENEWS

    I Google Map'd it, because I really couldn't see Mike/Audentio/ThemeHouse making this stuff up.

    So, here is the birds eye view of the address. I've circled what I can only assume is their office building, as well as you "road view".


    Yet, you didn't show this view. You simply showed the bottom part, right in front of the arrows... which isn't exactly 2222, now is it?

    Ummm, nope....

    If I looked from the road at the building that has the 2222 address, I'd see this.


    Seems like a legit building to me.

    I also don't think they will ever be "changing" the address, as you are insinuating they will be. Why? Cause it is their address, and they most likely have an office in that building.

    This might be the weirdest thread I have seen in a while. I certainly don't give a flying fuck where people have offices, if they have offices, where they work, etc... but to attempt to make them look bad based off false facts? Come the fuck on. If I was Mike, I'd be damn proud of what I have accomplished and grown to.

    I don't always agree with ThemeHouse, or heck, Mike himself, and they know my opinions on things... but I can't sit back and let someone attempt to drag them through the mud with misinformation.

    Gonna have to start calling you CNN with all this fake bullshit.
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  11. Yeah. Unless the point is to demonstrate that The Creuzer is somewhere saying that they have some glamorous office space, I don't understand.

    It doesn't look like they are trying to keep the place secret. I thought that they even met some XF admins in Chicago at the offices a while back?

    Frankly in this day and age, I'm not sure an office is even necessary for software development teams, but that's another story.
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  12. LOLed really hard when I read this

    Obviously not, he found it on their Facebook lol
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  13. @Edge you go run and hide again like a Coward? Do you always do that when someone calls out your bullshit?

    @Paul you're projecting your fantasies again. I'm not going to have sex with you no matter how much you beg.

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  14. Okay, so it's not Dust in the Wind Hosting ( anymore, now it's CNN Hosting at
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