The Admin Zone staff encouraging pirating

Discussion in 'Board War' started by SneakyDave, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. This site proudly refuses to use any of DragonByte Technology's products
  1. Amazing, Brad admits to "trying out" paid software by using nulled scripts, and doesn't have a problem with it. There have been a lot of topics like this on TAZ, and it seems a lot of members (and even staff) encourage the practice as "the only way" to try out new software.


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  2. It's pathetic. Members have been banned from there before for using billed software, but now it seems ok.
  3. Something similar to this is what got me banned from TAZ.

    One of Lisa's "friends" joined TAZ and started a thread about a script that scraped content from other sites. I made a very small fuss about it and Lisa had Dardoli (whatever-his-name-is) delete one of my threads. My thread was created 6 months prior to her friend's thread, and it was deleted because I asked if anyone on TAZ had ever gotten high before. I made a bigger fuss about my thread being deleted and got banned. Apparently talking about getting high 20+ years ago is worse than actively stealing from other people.
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  4. Brad was and always will be a thief and drug addict. He not only is proud that he was a pirate and still actively encourages it, but, he is also proud of the fact that he has been in jail and was and probably still is a crack addict.

    He always will be the biggest bag of wind and piece of shit you'll ever happen upon.
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  5. He thinks he is gods gift to forum administration. He visits TAZ for a day or two, stirs up s bunch of shit, then vanishes.

    He is poison to the site and needs to go, he contributed jack shot to the quality of the site.

    On top of that he is a thief.
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  6. Boooooooooom!

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  7. Bionic Rooster asks the tough question:

    "And why is an admitted user and promoter of the use of stolen software a staff member on an Admin forum that does not condone such action? @The Sandman"
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  8. Soon to be Banned Rooster.
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    I recall Brad pretty much finished off AdminExtra in the days before TAZ bought it.
    On every occasion that a discussion started up, he'd start wading in deleting posts, editing people's comments and then eventually he'd close the thread. So people just drifted away.
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  10. I was just getting ready to post exactly that...
  11. At what point does TAZ reach 'BAN EQUITY'?
    That is, the point at which there are as many banned users as active ones.
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  12. After this past week, it's got to be getting close.
  13. Yeah he is a duche, and is the death of anything he touches.
  14. Screenshot_20160621-162851.png
    This right here is what having staff that condone piracy gets you.
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  15. Howie never seems to amaze me. If he believes his own bullshit, why wouldn't he let the TAZ hacker stay registered on the site to simply answer questions about why and how he was able to compromise the TAZ server?

    He won't allow political discussions or drug use but will allow the promotion of piracy?

    I wonder what Adsense has to say about that
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  16. This is just to much, Have you ever used a nulled script?

    "Per our TOS / Site Rules:
    Postings on Admin Zone are "provided by another information content provider" and not the Admin Zone unless posted by the owner. The Admin Zone is not the "publisher or speaker" of any posts in the discussion forums unless posted by the owner."

    Basically saying staff can say what they want, it don't reflect on the site. Which is pure bullshit.
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  17. Poor David, nothing changes I see. See you still like hiding behind a forum run with everything moderated, including any new members that join. Big mouth David who's too afraid to let visitors and members he can't trust open their mouths and be blunt with him.

    Don't expect this comment will make it's way on your forum read by others because you're a little pussy.
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  18. Screenshot_20160621-183927.png
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  19. And the pitiful thing is... he apparently can't see that. If I walk in and see known drug users in my favorite eating establishment working I'm much less likely to visit there because of the issues of being around that type.
    I put it on the same level as your local police officers arresting people for smoking weed, but then doing the same thing behind their own closed doors. They are in a position of responsibility and should be held to a higher level of expectation.
    I've tried to stay out of a lot of the TAZ related stuff, but honestly - it's getting toxic over there and I doubt I'll be visiting/participating as much as I have in the past.