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  1. WTF is this? Log into Facebook | Facebook

    Some Facebook admin group, but they stole TAZ''s logo?

    This made my day....

    Welcome to The Admin Zone ....
    To share information within our group and forewarn Admin /Owner members ...
    Rules are :
    1. No SHARING of posts , even in Pms , unless you ask for permission in thread
    2. No NUDES , please adhere to FB guidelines
    3. Must provide ALL the evidence if posting .. SS must be provided , the persons FB link , the crime and Not partial SS
    4. ALL POSTS WILL NOW be screened and reviewed before posting on wall until further notice , however this may change
    5. WE the ADMIN , have the right to reject or remove a post OR person/persons from our group ,
    7. ALL members are screened before entering our Group
    8. You may Advertise your groups
    9. If you have issues with anyone in group either Block them or keep it out the group ...Do not BLOCK ADMIN !
    10. MUST ALL LIKE & AGREE to PINNED POST ... otherwise Leave Thank you .. Any issues contact Brian Miller or Mags Morland .. Admin/CoOwners​

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