RIP Taz forum

Discussion in 'Board War' started by It's dead Jim, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. For sure. Everything that guy mentioned that is wrong with forums, is wrong on TAZ like by 1000,0000,00%

    Howie is so stupid and don't realize it, he even made that a featured thread. He should change the title to "This Is What Is Wrong With TAZ!!"
  2. TAZ is down, wonder if the hurricane affected them after all.

  3. Haxorz!
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  4. Lol, the baboon can't log in. It misses TAZ as fast as it diss the site.
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  5. You must have serious comprehension problems. I do not have an active account on there. If you don't understand, not my problem.
  6. Also, are you not the one that cries consistently on here about being banned there, asking people to check if you are unbanned? Get over it, Howie thinks you are stupid and does not want you back there, ever!!
  7. @chickenscratches

    Although TAZ is brokeass again, I have a hunch that you're still banned.
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    Actually nobody could log in during that period. I also had the same error for a while...

    I guess over there in the asiatic area where @Crazy For Coco Puffs lives time flows backwards and he is regressing in age if his recent posts are any indication.
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  9. Seems it was an unknown server issue. Everything that happens on TAZ that is bad, Howie explains it off as "unknown", pffff! Grow a fucking set and tell people the truth, even if that truth is you don't know what the fuck you are doing. Hell if you grow a real set, imagine how many more people could snuggle up under them. ;)
  10. In Howie's defense, MattW probably knows better than to give too much information to him, the way Howie gets a wild hair to install things without testing anything out. 100 add-ons, 10 active members
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  11. I hope MattW is charging him an arm and a leg for running the server and putting up with Howie's idiotic crap.
  12. 0 members logged into the site at the moment. to have a site that old with that many post and yet have no one online? the end is now.
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