Obama The Wiretapper

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  1. He's fucking delusional
  2. Why? Because he won't support your lazy ass while you sit around playing video games and rubbing your dick until it's raw?
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  3. Any news about this yet? How would have The Donald found out about it?
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  4. Still looking around to see what is posted, or "reported"... thought I ran across something being said by Paul Ryan about it.... but can't remember if it was on Twitter or where...
  5. I'm not american, you fucking dunce.
  6. I don't know nor care what your nationality is -- point is you're a lazy piece of shit that expects everyone else to take care of you. Unlike you I'm able to get a job and take care of myself. Wonder who the dunce really is..
  7. Yes, you are.
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  8. I am not a fucking dunce.
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  9. Wrong again, little boy.
  10. Yes you are, you're also a pussy. Hiding behind guest posts.
  11. His "security divisions" have had a history of tapping individuals in other governments communications

    Bugged a strategy session between Ban Ki-Moon and Angela Merkel
    Long term interception of Chief of Staff of the UN HIgh Commissioner for Refugees Swiss phone
    Johan Human (Director of Rules Div WTO) Swiss phone for long term interception
    Interception of diplomatic cables between Benjamin Netanyahu and Silvio Berlusconi
    Interception of EU and Japanese trade ministers discussing "red lines" at that Doha WTO meeting
    Targeted 5 other EU top economic officials for long term interception
    Targeted the phones of Italy's ambassador to NATO
    Intercepted details of private metting between Nicolas Sarkozy , Merkel and Berlusconi about the Italian banking system

    And meanwhile in the US

    Targeted the news gathering of a Fox news as a potential crime on classified leaks and tracked his movements
    members of the Associated Press were targeted for surveillance in 2013
    Sharyl Attkisson had her personal PC and CBS laptop hacked in 2014 after she started filing stories on Benghazi and the spyware was "proprietary to a government agency".

    Then we have all the mass vacuuming of data that they do under their "security protocols". Big Brother IS watching you, you aren't paranoid at all.
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  12. I can't remember, but did they do any tying together the investigations of the IRS and their systematic attention to the non-profit status of tea party organizations? That kind of all just faded away.
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  13. The IRS has been RIGGED and PIRATED.
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    Hey scumbag, quit calling other people lazy. If laziness is what makes people poor then those Mexicans would have gotten rich instead of becoming seasoned slave labors. You fucking right wing nut job with pea for brain, you rich man wannabe, it must feels so good getting fucked by the rich in your ass.
  15. Will start off this post saying that the post you quoted wasn't me. Made a damn account because someone kept posing using my name... Second, "hiding behind guest posts" makes absolutely no sense, and is absolutely no difference than posting on an account with the same username.

    Aw, how cute you can edit the name in a quote. I'll just sit over here with my morning coffee.

    PS: Thank god for Darren Wilson, my hero. Took one more piece of shit thug off the streets :)
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    @MGM is Daniellex64 aka Danielle B*******
  17. And?
  18. And.... I am kier
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  19. And.... I am Legion
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