Most annoying TAZ members?

Discussion in 'Board War' started by Paul, May 7, 2016.

  1. Who are the most annoying members on TAZ?

    Danielx64 should be ripped apart by a pack of dingos. Striving/Empire needs to step in front of a bus... that Italian kid Amuray (or whatever his name is) can be pretty annoying too.
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  2. I don't know about annoying members but GTB followed by Scotty are the absolute cutest members so far. I could have swear that there are biological and psychological links between being delusional and being cute.
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    I think most of the ones that drive me crazy are a lot younger than me, so it's probably due to a generation gap, lol.

    But yeah, I can never figure out Danielx64's points. Sometimes I just end up with a blank stare. A lot of people think he's a woman due to his avatar. Maybe that makes him more confusing.

    Same with Digital Doctor. No idea what his points are, as adamant as they are. They just whizz by my head, lol.

    Steve Machol doesn't post there much anymore, but that guy I actually can't stand. Claiming to be some kind of customer service God, but he treated my VB issues like a dick when he was working for them

    Skooppapoopa Scott is entertaining, but his reputation capital has diminished severely with his complaints about vBulletin's progress, yet can't get SkooppaPooppa off the ground.

    I don't have a problem with any of the other Vb staff posting on TAZ. I think they actually believe the content they post, and not try to blow smoke up people's asses

    Striving/Empire - has to be getting paid for all of that nonsense.

    Ozzy - No qualms with him, but he has to be getting paid in some way too, right?

    PoetJC - she told me in a conversation that she removed one of my posts simply because she didn't like me. That put her in my radar of ridicule.

    LeadCrow - Roll my eyes with that dude. Never seen a guy talk so much but say so little, lol.

    Let it be known that these opinions don't make me better than anybody I mentioned (except PoetJC). They are just the mannerisms and behaviors that go against my grain.
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  4. VICE is probably the most annoying when he was still there.
    I believe more than half the population of TAZ dislike his presence.
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  5. Vice, yes. Good bye to bad rubbish. What was with that guy. Couldn't take no for an answer.
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  6. Some may say ROD was disliked the most but that's not because he's annoying, he's just coo coo. Same with Fred, people best to stay away from him lest they get an offer to suck his cock. What about Paul? Well, in the immortal wise words of the Pimp Sage Amazon; "Paul is a wannabe". But never underestimate the wannabes because they have a strong will to transcend the the title.
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  7. PoetJC.. That cunt killed her Pit Bull on purpose.. /thread closed
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  8. You sure you got the sex right? Sure has a manly appearance from the photos I've seen.
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  9. All this time I thought LeadCrow was a woman (avatar related conclusion).
    That's a topic for another thread. I like Scott but he has been talking about Skoopa for as long as I can remember, and it has always just been talk... I've never seen any evidence that someone actually started writing the code for it.
    I used to like PoetJC, but after reading what she did to her dogs (she killed two of them) she can hold hands with Striving when the bus comes.
    I'm sure I'm at the top of plenty of people's annoying lists.

    I forgot about Dardoli (or whatever his name is), the Sponge Bob Square Pants admin, I can't stand that guy.
  10. You hit it right on the head. He treated everyone with problems like a dick.
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  11. Yes, I was going to mention him, Daroldi. Has he been around lately? I think he started one of the many TAZ Facebook Accounts and twitter accounts, and the first order of business with him was to ban me from both, lol

    I'm assuming LeadCrow is a man, just as I assume Howie is a homo sapien.

    Here is one of those twitter accounts. The others might have been shut down.
    THE ADMlN ZONE (@taz_forum) | Twitter
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  12. That cover image looks awful on my 24 inch screen.
  13. yeah, it is terrible, looks like a poor screen grab attempt. Who knows if he had the authority to even create the account.

    Lisa created this one (dead):

    Here's another dead one:

    And it's accompanying facebook page (dead):

    Here's Daroldi Taz's Facebook page (might as well be dead). I think this is still the current one.
    Log into Facebook | Facebook

    There was another guy (can't remember his name) that I think was running the TAZForums or AdmnZone twitter account. Same guy on TAZ complaining about money, and how to make it fast, or some such. Trying to remember his name.
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  14. It looks like both the TAZ Facebook and Twitter accounts haven't had any posts made since September 2015. What's the point in keeping them up? The owner of the leading forum for forum admins should know that looks really bad.
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  15. One thing that I can agree with you on, that bitch needs to be locked up.
  16. Wait.... I've missed the Mike Vick-ing.

    What in the hell happened?
  17. You what? Vick-ing?
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  19. "Smoothered"....

    That said enough.