Kasich, the jerk

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  1. Coming from Gawker, this is expected, but I thought it was interesting. One incident doesn't make the guy a dbag, but there seems to be a lot of these types of stories about Kasich out there on the interwebs. The RNC had better work on cleaning up his image a bit if they want to use the "install as prez" button on him.

    John Kasich Was a Dick Eight Years Ago and He's Still a Dick Today
    Before John Kasich was a presidential candidate, before he was the governor of Ohio, he was a managing director at Lehman Brothers. A lot of things have changed for Kasich since his days in the private sector, but one thing hasn’t. He was a jerk back then, and he’s still a jerk now.

    In 2008, Kasich was pulled over by a Columbus police officer named Robert Barrett after he failed to move into the left lane as he passed a traffic stop, which is required by law in Ohio. He was pulled over and given an $85 ticket.

    Three years later, Kasich was governor, and was giving a speech to Ohio employees of the Environmental Protection Agency. He talked about being pulled over that day, using it to make a vague point about how government employees should be more responsive to taxpayers. He also seemed to be airing out a grudge: he referred to the officer involved as an idiot multiple times and suggested that he was pulled over wrongly. (The video incorrectly dates the speech to January 8 2008; it was in fact given in January 2011.)

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