Howie The Ambulance Chaser

Discussion in 'Board War' started by Ringmaster Howie, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. Soooo, Howie logs into after about 4 years and has to shamelessly plug his crappy admin forum, trying to turn it into another

    How fucking desperate do you need to be to go there and pretend to give two fucks what transpired? He is worse than those lawyers and board up companies that sit there and listen to police scanners and chase ambulances.
  2. When you can't get the Discourse and Flarum crowd, you stick to what you know. They may still be ignorant.

    It's a lot like a Doctorate from Mexico, lol

    Invision Brands dumping the staff is the best thing to happen to Dr. Rosenzweig. With 6 new staffers, he won't have to edit posts from the OR
  3. Does that mean I'm not banned anymore?
  4. Yep!
  5. Hahahaha. You got to be joking, your banned forever and then a millennia more. :emoji_smile_cat:
  6. P1$$ 0ff m8
  7. That Howard makes himself look more and more stupid by the day. He should go back to hiding himself on TAZ
  8. Oh my fucking gawd, Dr. Strangelove sounds like he just got an AOL free trial floppy disk n the mail and he is introducing himself to the Lookin For Love chat room. What a douchebag
  9. They used to call that spam back in the day.
  10. Kinda like wanting to look in Gemma's sock drawer, the old ass pervert.

    Well it is still spam today, no one wants to go to that black hole of the abyss and waste time posting only to get banned or get pummeled by the 30 staff members. Your opinion only matters there if you agree with Howie.
  11. Isn't this Dr. Howie just a bit old and disgusting to be going on pantie raids in people's bedrooms? He should only be looking for granny panties in the second hand store.