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    The better half heard it as she was driving up into the driveway the other day. Said she had no problems hearing it over her vehicle radio. Of course that was when I was seeing how loud it would get since she was gone. She just got back quicker than I expected. ;)


    Have to get my voltage checker out as the power conditioner is showing high voltage (about 128 volts at the highest point). Will have to check some of the other outlets.
    I do know that we are going to have to have the house rewired as most of the outlets are the old 2 prong receptacles. I want a larger breaker box for the house and the circuits isolated to each room for the wall plugs with another breaker box installed into the garage for my 240v equipment (planned welder & plasma torch, two stage 90 gallon compressor) to run off of.
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  2. You mean like this Gary?

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    It's a simple matter of resetting the
    .shoutbox-text  {
    opacity: 1;
    in the development console for the browser.
    Figured the first time I'd visit in a while you'd still be doing the same old same old.
  3. I see there is still reading comprehension issues going on over with the Gary clones.

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    There was a specific statement made... here, let me clear it up for you.


    See, that's the beauty of screenshots. Even though you may change what was originally said on your site, the screenshot provides evidence of a different statement being made.

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    while we return you to your normal program