Happy Holidays from Theme House, you're BANNED!

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  1. Mike Creuzer from Audentio / Hex Themes / Theme House / Nova Web Design / LaundryMate must have a bee in his bonnet a comment I made about his business practices.

    I recently logged into Theme House to update a few styles for my XenForo sites, and noticed a big "You've been banned" message on my account.

    I thought this was pretty strange considering I have a number of licenses with Audentio / Theme House for a number of years. I'm not even really sure when this banning took place. I really don't understand what I might have said that pissed off The Creuzer so much, but I'll get into that a little bit below.

    This banning is pretty severe, I can no longer view my invoices, tickets, licenses, purchases, or even account information.

    Although I'm banned, Theme House has no problems sending me exciting spam updates of their XenForo 2.0 products, or spam about the ForumApp that (I think) they are reselling. It was as recently as December 8th that I pointed out that their pricing for the ForumApp was confusing, and got a prompt response from Mike.


    On another occasion, I replied to a promotional email about how excited they were about their XenForo 2.0 styles that were in development. I commented in one of those emails that I hope they get that nasty bug fixed on "relative post dates", or whatever they were called in their XenForo 1.x styles, that hadn't been fixed in about 2 years or so. I got a kind reply on that email too that it was an oversight they had with the FireFox browser.

    These few emails are about the only communication I've had with Theme House / Audentio in a few months, I'm not sure if something in one of them cause me to be banned or what happened.

    I emailed Theme House, and sent a PM to Mike Creuzer, but as of yet, haven't received any response.

    Mike Creuzer has a history of being a loose cannon and immature when he faces criticism for any of his business practices. I've been one of the many individuals that have questioned some of the things he's done, usually in threads on XenForo.com. Most of the time, these threads start off with Mike talking about how amazing his products are, and "welcomes input" as to their progression. Eventually Mike gets uncomfortable with the customer comments in these threads, and requests the thread to be closed and/or removed from view. Sometimes, before the thread deletion, Mike will go on and on about how many mouths he has to feed, owning his own business, which falls on deaf ears.

    Following are some of the things I've been critical about, or questioning, regarding Audentio / Theme House, and may have contributed to my banning. If anybody finds themselves also banned by The Creuzer, do you have any of the the following complaints in common with me?

    1) Mike tries to sell Audentio back in 2012. Not sure what brought this on, but to go from practically throwing in the towel, to having so many mouths to feed, is quite a accomplishment. I don't think I had any experience with Audentio back then, but recently they've been claiming to be celebrating 10 years of being in business. I don't know how that can match up.

    2) Audentio "Idea Funding". I think this was my biggest complaint about Audentio in the past. It was a harebrained idea that everybody knew wasn't going to work. It was supposed to be a way for customers to pay chunks of an addon's development, a'la crowdfunding. The problem was that there was no guarantee that Audentio would even work on the addon, and there was no timeline, or mechanism in place to get your money back if Audentio decided to never do the addon. Thankfully, Mike came to his senses and nixed the idea.

    3) Audentio buys Waindingo addons. Audentio bought all of Waindingo's addons, and didn't have the capacity, or maybe didn't even plan, to fix their bugs, unless customers wanted to pay to do that... again. It was a big mess of course, Mike got way over his head, and the NEW plan for XF 2.0 is that Theme House has pledged not to have so many products that they can't support.

    4) Audentio / Hex Themes / Theme House. Pick a name already!

    5) Audentio takes over xfuniverse.com from Sheldon. Promises "great things to come" for it. Promptly abandons it for a number of years. It irks me to spend a lot time creating content on a site just to have it abandoned.

    6) There was a strange beef going on a couple years ago with Mike Edge (running xenBoost), and Max/The Dark Wizard (running VelocityIO). Somebody had submitted a comment to VelocityIO's Contact Us page, claiming to be me, and telling Max to get is act together or some shit. Anyway, I believe VelocityIO was in bed with Audentio about some hosting arrangement they had, and JakeB from Audentio raged at me about this comment I didn't make about VelocityIO. I wouldn't think this has anything to do with my banning, but I bring it up because it was a strange event, and maybe a something similar has happened again?
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  2. I inquired about taking over xfuniverse after he shut it down. I was told he wanted to leave sleeping dogs lie. Never did understand what was there that he didn't seem to like.
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  3. It's all sorted now. Had a conversation with Mike. He admitted that it was probably something he did as a result of something I said sometime in the past, along with Mike Edge and roo (lol).

    Anyway, we've hugged it out. No hard feelings all around!
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  4. Hey I only spoke the truth about what happened with my site.
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    I didn't even see the craziest Latino of all time's commentary on this thread!

    View: https://mobile.twitter.com/CarlosX360/status/947245447319396352

    Carlos. Where you been? I don't remember "talking trash" about ThemeHouse/Audentio/Hex Themes. I probably asked some questions that Creuzer didn't like. Who knows? It was probably a year ago.

    But you keep on raging, you crazy Latino. Post some more tweets of your pics of PS2 games modeling with a can of Coors Light you crazy mofo!
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  6. Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.02.44 AM.png

    Why screenshots are dandy!
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  7. I thought i had taken a screen shot of Crazy Carlos the Latino Loon's diatribe above, but I guess I didn't. He deletes tweets less than a month old, but the crazy mofo can't update his pinned tweet that is almost 4 years old.

    Carlos Morales, it's 2018. You're not gonna find any suckers to fund your "PS2 game and a can of Coors Light" photography startup.
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