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Discussion in 'Board War' started by Paul, Jul 15, 2017.

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  1. Gary, you going on like this just proves that Mark owns you :joy: . It's one more thing you're too thick to understand.
  2. Now Gary's taken to pretending to be me.

    The post in this screenshot purporting to be me, isn't.

    For the record, anything that appears on that site at the moment claiming to be me, isn't. I am not going to be posting there, because he just wipes it later.

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  3. I see Gary's random thoughts have been wiped clean, as well as the rest of his shit shack... and now Gary is stealing content from Mark's forum and trying to imitate what Mark has accomplished. I remember dumdum stealing content from the admin forum I had... nothing ever changes with GTB.
  4. Hard working people don't kill a country, dumdum. Lazy dipshits like you who live off the backs of hard working tax payers kill a country. Has it ever occurred to you that you're directly benefiting from the Polish people working in your country with the taxes that they pay? If all of the Polish people left the UK tomorrow, you might have to get a job.
  5. Actually, immigration was only a small part of of the main reason was the fact the the EU has a nasty habit of dictating the laws/ interfering with sovereign states. Sure the racist scum like Gary had to have their day as well.
  6. Dumdum's racism towards the Roma people is shared by many Romanians. @Jelly should know more about this. It wouldn't surprise me if he found someone there that looks like dumdum.
  7. On another note, seriously, isn't it about time for Mr. V to unban me?
  8. You are already unbanned dumdum#2!
  9. There are plenty of gypsies here who look just like dumdum with a tan.
  10. Employers pay what they think a job is worth, dipshit. If you have skills that demand a high rate of pay, it's your fault if you can't find an employer who is willing to pay it. Look at your grammar and then ask yourself why you can't find a decent paying job.

    Don't blame your own inadequacies on other groups of people, bigot.
  11. You mean Gary standing there with his hand out isn't enough for him to get free monies?
  12. Gary explains why he doesn't have a smartphone...

    I thought dumdum drove used RVs from place to place? Now it sounds like he's digging ditches. :joy: He has a 20 quid "bomb proof" Nokia... too funny for words :joy:
  13. Gary said he doesn’t have the eyesite to browse the web. That may explain why he butchers the English language. #blindasabat
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  14. It would certainly explain his reading comprehension.
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