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  1. So wait, Trump told them what to put in the peer review?
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    Nope... Trump told 'em hydroxychloroquine was a cure... and then the ivermectin gang jumped on the train and his devout followers fell in line and started raving about what a cure it was.
    Memory leaving you?

    For hydroxychloroquine he pushed it on March 19, 20, 21, 29, and 30th. Then again on April 3, 5, 7, 14. Then May 5, 18, 19, & 20.

    Since you like that peer reviewed stuff... here ya' go.
    Impact of Trump's Promotion of Unproven COVID-19 Treatments and Subsequent Internet Trends: Observational Study

    And as I have said previously... ivermectin may have had some positive benefits... but those were not proven by data at the time the claims were being made. There are multiple drugs that have that effect of being useful for other issues than what originally designed... the problem with that study is it simply involves Cadegiani, who has already come under fire for fudging his studies.
    And those that were consuming horse paste were the worst of the ivermectin groupies. Kinda like folks that consume Tide pods.
  3. I thought we were talking simply about Ivermectin.... and THAT peer review.

    Why are you bringing anything else into this?
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  4. Not sure what Trump has to do with The Horse Dewormer. Trump's one of the vaccine's biggest fans.
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  5. No, he was one of HCL's biggest fans. He wasn't that crazy about the vaccine.. in fact, even getting him to admit that he had taken it was like pulling teeth from a grizzly.
    Remind me... how many ex-Presidents got together to encourage folks to get vaccinated.... and remind me... who was vacant from that group?
    Here ya' go... in case you need to be reminded of FACTS and not the standard Trumpian revisionist history.
    Trump Absent As All Living Former Presidents Come Together For Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

    In fact, he didn't get a Covid vaccination until shortly before leaving the Whitehouse... so, now, I ask you to remind me of another thing... that being how, if he was he one of the biggest fans of the vaccine, he lolly-gagged around over a year before getting it?
    Oh, and let's not forget when he commented (with Bill O'Reilly) about getting the booster... and getting booed and then crawfishing worse than a crawfish sensing a catfish coming in for the kill.
  6. As opposed to crawfishing worse than a rutabaga?
  7. Ivermectin, HCL and others go hand in hand with the "the vaccine will turn you into an alien" crowd.... and a LARGE number of those were Trump supporters and in some instances even Trump himself.

    Now, I see you have no input on the fact that Cadegiani has already been caught in one serious case of shitty research involving COVID-19... and past patterns indicate future patterns.
    And once more... for those dense in the skull area... I acknowledge that it might have benefits... but due to Cadegiani's shitty research history, anything he is involved in will be called into question.... a wider number of other studies that revealed the same thing would be beneficial...but guess what... there are CURRENT studies out that show that ivermectin had no significant benefit.
  8. Again, what in the hell does this have to do with what I posted?
  9. That's Biden... and his crown is very wilted... like much of the rest of him.
  10. This aa huge pile of word salad not discussing anything relevant to what I posted.
  11. Simple... the fact that the tin-foil wearing hat brigade buys into anything...
    And what it has to do with it is that one of the prime researchers has already been shown to do shit research.

    Care for me to start popping out some other studies that show just the opposite that have been "peer reviewed"?
    Pretty sure I already gave you several data points to research.
  12. Well, seeing that reply wasn't addressed TO YOU... I guess you ARE a fanatical Trump follower... it's ALL ABOUT YOU!
    There's a term for that... feel free to research it and maybe... if you are lucky you will figure it out.

    Maybe go back to 7th grade and get yourself learned? :joy:
  13. Ahhh, so you admit to simply changing the subject because you actually have nothing to say about it.

    Good deal.
  14. BTW, you fuckers are SO easy... mention negative about Trump and what little sense many of y'all have goes RIGHT out the window.
  15. Maybe you need to go back and take elementary reading comprehension... what you quoted as a direct reply to a question asked..... derp.

  16. All I asked was if he told them what to put in the peer review.

    You've failed to answer that.

    As usual. You deflect, then go a tangent about who knows what. I guess whatever Google news pulls up for that search.....
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  17. Soooo true, laughing my ass off
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  18. And you miss the entire point of "peer review".... of course, if you use shit for your data points, and peers that support your position review it... you get shit for a peer review.
    Now, talk about deflection.... you have learned well from your Sith Lord Trump, Sheldonsheepy.

    Been hitting 8chan and 4chan up for your latest QAnon news? Or do you just depend on Trump to shovel it to you from his Truth Social account?

    Now, off to play with the telescope I go... clear skies.... but wouldn't you know I have an appliance repair person scheduled at 9:30am.... so won't get to enjoy a full night of it.
  19. u dumb boy. u believed trump. omg. lmao.
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  20. I really do like this dude.