Gary's New Site - Global Pandemic Virus!

Discussion in 'Board War' started by SneakyDave, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Ahhhh, memories.
  2. If he wasn't so paranoid and kept it running without deleting everyone, he'd probably be a Big Board on TAZ/ThePedoZone.
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  3. I remember when Gary banned Adam Howard because Adam tried being nice to Gary by redirecting traffic from one of his closed forums to Gary’s. Gary’s cheap-ass hosting plan couldn’t handle the traffic and Gary lost his shit. It was one of the best Gary rages ever.

    Please come back, Gary. I want to laugh again.
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  4. We want phpbb back Gary. Please.
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  5. That only looked at patients with comorbidities. Which are the absolute highest risk.

    Find research with no comorbidities and let us know the findings. I'm certain they are different.

    You should know any data can be skewed to favor anything.
  6. Oh wait, you thought Trumps 4 years were s failure.

    Nevermind, you have zero common sense.
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    If it's going to work, it will work with our without comorbidity if it is the "miracle drug" that so man of those that support it claim.
    And that's why it's a randomized. And I see you failed to notice that it refers to other trials that revealed similar results.
    López-Medina E, López P, Hurtado IC, et al. Effect of ivermectin on time to resolution of symptoms among adults with mild COVID-19: a randomized clinical trial.
    Vallejos J, Zoni R, Bangher M, et al. Ivermectin to prevent hospitalizations in patients with COVID-19 (IVERCOR-COVID19): a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. BMC Infect Dis. 2021;21(1):635
    Of course, we all know it's a MAJOR CONSPIRACY by Big Pharma to make tons of money and co-ordinate with the government to program the people with nanobots and to genetically mutate them into New Humans and to give them a "magnetic" personality.

    And no, good things were done during his administration, but they weren't developed by him, but by those "deep state" people behind him... or at least those that weren't in his 96% A-team turnover rated of people.
    Trump himself is a failure. Seems that those Trump cult members can't grasp the difference.
    Now, care to expound on Shred-Gate, Dump-Gate and his sneaking top secret papers off to Mar-a-Largo? Or how about the fact that his attempt to keep from having to testify under oath about his NY Trump Org shenanigans was shot down and now he has to try to rely on an appeal (his normal routine of trying to shirk responsibility)?
    Or how about that judge refusing to quash the civil suits filed against him as a result of his speech on 01/06/2021?
    Or how about the fact that roughly 49% of Republicans polled have NO desire to see him run for President in 2024, up from 30% just a few months ago?
    Things are looking bleaker and bleaker for him. Poor little abused Trumpty Dumpty.
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  8. 13dd65aabc9b47860af6f0815e36835eb5bbb3d9a58c079b936216cac2dc64ef_1.jpg
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  9. The queen of England has covid and no one can see any comments dumdum makes about it on his shit shack.
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  10. You like the word "Gate", eh. You must be Tracy Maddow.

    I have a feeling it will go just like your other investigations...

    Ukraine Impeachment-Gate
    January 6th-Gate

    Get out of here with that nonsense. Let it play out. You get a bit too worked up for nothing. You likely were on pins and needles during "Russia-Gate".

    Why aren't you curious about the flip side? Spying on a sitting President? Does that not concern you? Oh wait, it was Trump, it was allowed.

    You've got a sickness Tracy. Liberalism is slowly seeping into your veins. You are literally Maddow 2.0 right now.

    Seek help.
  11. We will see.

    I've noticed how well all those polls have worked since 2016.

    Tell me, since you seem to trust them so much as you spout the numbers off as if you've slept with them for months....

    Would you put your life on the line with polls?

    Then shut up about them.

    Also, can I randomly bold any part of a sentence to make it mean more?
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    So, I see you have no actual feedback on the readily apparent bullshit Trump has done other than to try to ignore or dismiss it.
    Where do you have your altar to Trump located at? Near the entrance to your residence? Are all that pass it required to kneel before it before gaining entry into your abode?

    As for your "spying on a sitting president"... you are aware that the item (which was MUCH ballyhooed in the Right Wing Media and you are most likely referring to) from Durham has suddenly died a sudden death because it was found to be total bull shit and basically stated as such by Durham, correct?

    And we are letting it play out... and it's looking darker and darker for Trumpty Dumpty as it's showing more and more what a low-life criminal he actually is.

    Also, never watched Rachel Mad Cow... apparently you do though.

    Let me guess... you are also a Bonds for the Win adherent also?
  13. At least you tried Tracy.
  14. Heh.
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    Just an idea, Gary.
  16. I see everyone has dropped the mask up now idea.

    Strange how they are all being dropped.... especially after not doing anything.
  17. They are being dropped because wearing a mask worked.
  18. OMG.


    How do you go from bitching that not enough people are using them yet to claiming they worked.

    Get the fuck out of here.
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  19. I'm wearing my mask while watching sleepy joe!
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