Gary is convinced that TJA's Addons are Pirated

Discussion in 'Board War' started by SneakyDave, Sep 11, 2017.

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  1. Gary Thomas Bolton is convinced that Stolen Sheep Design's Addons (aka TJA) that were listed on XenForo are pirated from Brivium, although the original owner claims that is false.

    Does Gary know something that nobody else, including the original distributor, knows?

    Or is it Gary being Gary again?

    "The fool has only gone and bought pirated mods! Laughs!"

    gary_calls_tja_lisa_sneakydave_pirates1.png gary_calls_tja_lisa_sneakydave_pirates2.png gary_calls_tja_lisa_sneakydave_pirates3.png
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  2. Gary (GTB) is a idiot.
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  3. Dumdum says:
    Perhaps he just does not want to reply to a idiot with idiotic ideas Gary, and he is fully aware nothing lasts on your shitshack with the constant forum wiping. ;)

  4. Sheldon tried talking to Gary as calmly as possible, but dumdum was having nothing to do with any explanation other than the addons are pirated and Dave got screwed.
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  5. It was better when we were ignoring the person mentioned above, something I am continuing to do. Each to their own.
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  6. Zzz
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  7. Is that the sound flipflops make on asphalt?
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  8. Since when is Gary concerned about pirated software? I thought that was all he ever used.
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  9. No, Gary only uses reclaimed software, ones that he reclaims as his own. ;)
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  10. I've been a firm supporter of that outlook... simply ignore a person and a lot of the drama disappears. I haven't been back over to that site since everyone had agreed to just let him be.
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