Gary breaks the law...again...

Discussion in 'Board War' started by Scrotnig, May 15, 2017.

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  1. I don't know about other countries, but here in the UK it's been illegal for many years to use a mobile phone (Americans: cell phone) while driving.

    Gary obviously isn't aware.

    I'll use a screenshot, no point posting the URL as it'll be deleted within 24 hours.

  2. Oh, it was a "proper camera", not a mobile phone.

    That's ok then, because obviously it's perfectly legal to drive with one arm out of the window taking photos. :neutral:

  3. I'll bite... Who gives a fuck? Like you've never looked at your phone while driving before? Why you're so infatuated with this guy that you probably spend 90% of your day refreshing the index page of his site just so you can post the "latest and greatest" here is far beyond me. Why don't you just ignore him? I'll assume it's because if you ignore him eventually he'll give up and you'll have nothing left to do with your life? This guy is clearly mentally unstable so why keep entertaining and harassing him? Are you trying to make him come unhinged to the point that he hurts somebody? Surely a grown ass man has better things to do than press f5 on a site watching some loon talk to himself, no?

    tl;dr get a new hobby
  4. I can't even tell if he's in a vehicle, or even what he's trying to take a picture of. Holy crap, that's probably one of the better pics.
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  5. Because, 3 words for you..

  6. That's one word, you dumbass.
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  7. Pure Genius, hopefully it didn't take you long to figure that one out.
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  8. Sarcastic humor exceeds some peoples comprehension abilities.
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  9. Please try not to use such big words for chicken scratches, 5 characters or under please.
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  10. How is it "entertainment"? I'd get more entertainment out of watching grass grow or paint dry or one of those other cliches
  11. If it's a Friday, and/or @Gary @GTB is in one of his fugue states, the entertainment value is off the charts, for me personally, anyway. As predictable as it is, I find it hard to turn him off.

    If only he had a web can to live stream that shit.

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  12. Where is wino Mark.B?

    (Gary Thomas Bolton admitted to posting this)
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  13. maybe playing in the vineyard?