Flat Earth thread

Discussion in 'Master Debaters' started by Paul, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. Errmagerd, not this again!
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  2. Why not you?
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  3. I'll answer that. You can't.
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  4. If you took a close look at the lemon after the "rain", you'd feel and see water collecting in the dimples of the lemon. Just like lakes and rivers here on THE GLOBE.

    The main problem with this Follower of Sheldon is that the lemon isn't large enough to have enough gravity of its own, so the water is affected by the earth's gravity.

    But that opinion will not sit well with some people, because they have their own alternative facts.
    Edited Son of Sheldon to Follower of Sheldon, lol
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  5. Why do you not believe what your eyes tell you?

    Seriously, the idea of a globe is quite absurd once you really get into really thinking about it.

    Staying the course and believing what you've always been taught is what the issue is. Before the 1600's, everyone said the Earth was flat, including that "great book" everyone wants to follow, the Bible. Once another starting saying it was a globe (without any evidence. ... how in the hell does a person who has never flown, never been in space.... determine that we now live on a globe). For fucks sake... he was scratching out ideas with bones and blood on parchment paper. Yet we take this as fact, without hesitation?

    Living on a globe is akin to believing in climate change.
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  6. So, the pictures you see from the space station, spacex launches, etc etc etc...are all fake? They really aren't taking off from earth, which is the white and blue sphere you see in the background as the rockets go into space?
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  7. They are all photoshopped. :kissing:
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  8. You surely can't be serious. I can prove him wrong with one word: gravity.

    Because my eyes show me some dumb ass pouring water on a fruit in some attempt to prove the earth is flat lol

    You can literally see the curvature of the earth cover parts things in the distance over oceans, we have satellites that orbit the earth.

    What are you talking about? Nobody's actually been to space, it's all a hoax by the man to make you believe you live on a globe.

    @Sheldon I'd love to hear your theory on summer/winter solstice, day/night etc since clearly we aren't rotating on an axis.
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  9. View: https://youtu.be/R52_PdZlSq8

    Sorry, but the math does not support your first claim, nor do images that have been shown that clearly show things you aren't supposed to be seeing (due to the curvature) but can with a higher powered camera, etc.

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  10. That video is quite literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. You realize the sun is well over 850 thousand miles in diameter, right?

    I don't know what "math" you're using, but that picture you've shown prove literally nothing. In fact, if anything your photos prove the earth isn't flat. Clearly you can't see beyond the horizon in them, can you?


    And again, you refuse to acknowledge the fact that there are currently at least 3 people orbiting the earth in the ISS currently and over 500 people have orbited the earth. Clearly they're all part of some big plot to make all the common folk believe the earth is a globe for some nefarious reasons, right?
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  11. The thing I don't understand is WHY the government/Illuminati/whoever needs to keep this a secret?

    Most conspiracy theories have a reason behind them
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  12. How can that possibly be proven to be correct?

    Sure they can be there. ... no issues with that. They can follow the same path as the video posted above. Have you seen many of the errors posted from the "International Space station "? Wires used, people walking when the others are "floating", etc. ...?

    You asked for proof of season, I showed it, per the flat earth model. I'm not certain what else you'd like me to post. You asked, I provided what I think is the most realistic version of what is going on.

    Actually, that far you, you should certainly starry to see the Earth's curvature (left to right and vice versa).... correct? Plus, look how far out you can see. The earth would be curbing that way ad well, and there isn't any reason that with the math provided by many, you should see that far.

    Earth curvature: Earth Curvature Calculator - Calculate the curve you should see
    Earth Radius: Earth radius - Wikipedia


    As well as:

    I understand that it is something many don't even want to think about, much less debate. It's cool. From what I see and understand, my opinion is it's flat. Some off the shit we are told, i have ahard time grasping. .. like say, all the satellites orbiting, and zero have collided. ... things like that.

    As far as that space mumbo jumbo.... watch Room 237.
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  13. At this point, perhaps mass hysteria. Finding out we truly are in a closed system. I'm not entirely sure why.

    I'm curious as to why, after 40+ years, we've still not went back and had a man on the moon. Why? Certainly technology is better. Surely a breeze now, buy yet, we don't go back.
  14. The entire world won't go back to the moon, because of the aliens they found there, lol.

    If you're a flat earth believer, does that automatically make you a moon landing denier?
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  15. I assume it does. My question posed above gives my thought inn the moon landing. Why aren't we going back. (Besides the alien) .

    I mean really. Who knows what can be found, well other than the petrified wood (moon rock) we have given another country.
  16. Because there's no oil, gold, dolla bills, or titties?
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  17. That just might be the smartest thing I have heard today!
  18. Left in the REAL reasons. Kudos.
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  19. Cost to benefit ratio not there?
    What would we gain by going back to the moon? Originally what we gained was a lot of technology to get us there.
    I'd rather see a trip to Mars or one of the nearer planets than back to the moon - there would be benefits (gains) technologically there that would carry over to use here.
    Should be fairly easy to do... just figure out how quickly those other flat planets in our solar system circles the center of the solar system (Planet Earth) and then shoot a straight line out to it in the VW bug.