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Discussion in 'Board War' started by Kent.S, Sep 10, 2017.

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Could Vice, Gary and Carp related?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Does not matter, they are all idiots.

  1. Is it possible, could Vice, Gary and Carp be related? They seem to have many of the same traits and quirks.
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  2. Absolutely yes.
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  3. I suspected as much, thanks for answering. :)
  4. Carp and Vice/Tool/Chickenscratches have much higher IQ's than Gary.
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  5. The two baboons are definitely related.

    1. Both are current active users on TAZ.

    2. Both use sock accounts here (because they're afraid of Mr. V).

    3. Both use other people's avatars (due to lack of self esteem).

    4. Both strokes each other tiny-right-wing-dick posts for psychological approval.

    5. Both jointly thumbed down posts they hate.

    6. Both behave like rabid animal, specifically baboons.
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  6. IMG_1617.JPG
  7. And once one has resorted to name calling, they lose the argument.
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  9. What argument?
  10. Any argument.... when parties are in disagreement on items/stances/beliefs and are discoursing on it, it is frequently referred to as arguing a point or points.

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  11. Shame when you have to explain everything to the ignorant.
  12. Who's making any argument?
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  13. Tracy, all that is happening by replying to him in any thread is like this:
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  14. Well, we can only hope one day he can read and comprehend the english language and not need pictographs, pictures or video to understand.