debate: will sneakydave ever seek help

Discussion in 'Board War' started by SneakDave_is_my_bitch, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. clear sneakydave has a problem. sneakydave follows people everywhere he can find them and has this whole dedicated website just to talk about them. i would call that an obsession. regrettably, his inability to recognize his problem is part of his problem. i think only a professional can help david reach that first important step.

    do you believe sneakydave will ever seek professional help on his own?
  2. What type of help do you suggest? Be specific.

    Your behavior of spamming software sites just because you don't like Sheldon and me could be construed as a little bit on the kookoo side, lol
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  3. i knew sneakydave was david dotson and adam howard, but now it seems he has alter egos for his alter egos. what is worse is he seems to be proud of this and does not deny how many alter egos he has

    the question now is how many voices are in his head?
  4. i mean professional help. it is one thing to be upset with a company for allowing a mentally ill individual to harass their customers but an entirely different thing when you spend all day and all night following people from site to site. you also by your own admittance have more alter egos than anyone i know. you even have alter egos for your alter egos, which really is confusing.

    exactly how long have you been adam and for how long has "adam" had so many other alter egos? do you hear adam speaking you while you sleep at night? am i speaking to "adam" now or sneakydave?
  5. moving to board war, and probably merging all of your same topics.
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