50% - New York Primary

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  1. A) Does Trump get over this number Tuesday?

    B) Does Hillary get over this number Tuesday?
  2. Don't think neither will. The GOP establishment will do something to slow down Trump. Hillary would still win but will not get that much delegates.
  3. Ooooh. I think I'm exactly opposite.

    I see both ending up over 50%, and would wager Trump hits 55-57%.
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  4. Huh?
    How did you do your math?
    For Democratic, 50+% would be 2,383 delegates.
    New York only has 291 delegates.
    Hillary current delegates are: 1,758 delegates.
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    Are you talking about 50% in New York primary alone?
    Highly unlikely though considering the poll.
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  6. Yeah, that's why I have "Tuesday" in the question.

    That's when they vote there.
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  7. I've edited the thread title, my apologies.
  8. The 50% mark is kinda misplaced for democratic primary since only two candidates are available. But I also think Hillary will win by 60-40 at max, since you have to register yourself as Democrat all the way back in October to participate in the primary. That's a ton of independent voices Bernie already lost.
  9. Yes. I think they both clear 50 percent of the delegates for NY. I'd guess 55 for each.
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