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  1. Kent.S

  2. Stupid Shit Gary Thomas Bolton (GTB) Says, Jul 22, 2017
  3. Sheldon

    You'd think Gary would realize we have tons of screens where he talks shit about us, where he directly asks us questions, where he continually provoked the site to reply.

    #FakeNews "Stalking" Charge
  4. Stupid Shit Gary Thomas Bolton (GTB) Says, Jul 22, 2017
  5. Sheldon

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    He's edited this shout no less than 7 times....

    Gary, you think you can say what you want on your site about anyone, have no one reply anywhere? Wong! Not happening.

    You run your cocksmokers freely, and expect silence. That's laughable. Just because you have shitty software on a shitty host, does noy give you a free pass assblaster.

    I don't see BASH violating any terms of service. You are simply pissed off because you attempt to look high and mighty, and we here expose you for the bitch you are.

    Cry elsewhere, quit spamming XF with your #fakenews complaints.

    Oh, almost forgot. ....

    God loves you.

    Rev. Sheldon
  6. The office of Audentio, Jul 18, 2017
  7. Sheldon

    @Edge , curious... what was this for?

    Obviously, the building BEHIND the lot looks to be where their office is located. Are you saying they are a scam? That they don't have an office? I seem to recall seeing tons of photos they have posted from their office before. Are you attempting to poke fun at them because of an empty lot in front of the place? I mean, really. Would love to hear explanation.

    I get it, you are bitter. But shit... this is the equivalent of #FAKENEWS

    I Google Map'd it, because I really couldn't see Mike/Audentio/ThemeHouse making this stuff up.

    So, here is the birds eye view of the address. I've circled what I can only assume is their office building, as well as you "road view".

    View attachment 1461

    Yet, you didn't show this view. You simply showed the bottom part, right in front of the arrows... which isn't exactly 2222, now is it?

    Ummm, nope....
    View attachment 1462

    If I looked from the road at the building that has the 2222 address, I'd see this.

    View attachment 1463

    Seems like a legit building to me.

    I also don't think they will ever be "changing" the address, as you are insinuating they will be. Why? Cause it is their address, and they most likely have an office in that building.

    This might be the weirdest thread I have seen in a while. I certainly don't give a flying fuck where people have offices, if they have offices, where they work, etc... but to attempt to make them look bad based off false facts? Come the fuck on. If I was Mike, I'd be damn proud of what I have accomplished and grown to.

    I don't always agree with ThemeHouse, or heck, Mike himself, and they know my opinions on things... but I can't sit back and let someone attempt to drag them through the mud with misinformation.

    Gonna have to start calling you CNN with all this fake bullshit.
  8. Hey Gary, Jul 12, 2017
  9. Sandyman

    Exactly! He spent the last 2 years, 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, playing with phpbb. And now he's gonna pretend he has a job? Who is he trying to impress, maybe the Dog Killer thing?

    #FakeNews Top Ten Gary List, add to it if I missed anything:

    1. He's had a job in the past 10 years.
    2. He's had sex with anyone/anything other than his left or right hand in a dozen years.
    3. He's owned XenForo and IPS licenses, at least legally.
    4. He's had success on all of his dating sites.
    5. He's ever ran a successful forum, blog, or anything on the Internet.
    6. He coded his shitbox on the shitshack.
    7. He finished grammar school.
    8. He can successfully fill out a job application.
    9. Guest posters on the shitshack are real.
    10. He stood up to The Howard @ TAZ.
  10. Ozzy from TAZ / Ziggy on bash, Jul 6, 2017
  11. Sandyman

    Poor Ozzy, lost his #fakenews Big Board badge and his moderator badge - I bet the guy has a serious case of depression right about now...

    Give it a few weeks, he'll be back sucking the TAZ Overlords schlong dong silver! I wonder if Howie will punish him by not giving him back his #fakenews Big Board badge right away, but make him "earn" it back?

    TAZ Overlord to Ozzy "Bitch, how many times do I have to tell you, you cannot take me on! You cannot take me on here on TAZ or on the XF site! When will you learn your lesson boy?! Now, go sit in the corner until I say otherwise, and keep your mouth shut unless I speak to you, and then when you reply, you have to look at the ground because you aren't worthy of looking me in the eyes son!"
  12. TAZ forum is more dead than GTB's, Jul 5, 2017
  13. Sandyman

  14. Mike Edge - #1 soldier in the Army Reserves, Jul 3, 2017
  15. Ozzy and other TAZ kiss-asses, Jun 27, 2017
  16. Sandyman

    Why does Ozzy have a big board badge? There's nothing BIG about Ozzy, he's a little old troll of a man...

    Lisa still have a big board badge too?